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Survey Says...

I am well informed about my division’s challenges and goals KPE 73% Staff 70%
I am well informed about U of T’s challenges and goals KPE 65% Staff 64%
U of T’s senior leaders communicate a clear vision and direction KPE 68% Staff 61%
My manager communicates the strategic direction of my department/division KPE 73% Staff 68%
My manager communicates effectively KPE 83% Staff 75%

You Told Us...

Staff would like more personal interactions with managers and colleagues

Internal communications are ‘ineffective’ and ‘sporadic’

Information is not getting across due to means (email only) and methods (long winded,  not timely, want plain language)

Improved communication could build team spirit, increase trust and reduce silos

We're Listening...

New initiatives

Dean’s email updates with news and accomplishments

PR and communications email updates about news for staying in touch and media activity

Launch of new website

Facility notices and alerts added to digital screens and website

KPE Instagram account news and updates

Annual Research Report of highlights

ActiveCollab for large projects

Redesign and updating of recruitment materials for curricular and intercollegiate programs

Continuing initiatives

Use of Twitter, digital screens and Pursuit magazine to share news and updates

Creation and distribution of KPE Co-Curricular Year in Review

What's Next?

Considering approach to having senior managers engaging with staff more frequently through informal walk-arounds etc.

Considering regular Town Halls - opportunity to update colleagues from each department at KPE

Exploring use of tools for internal communication (e.g. Intranet or other)

Looking at ways to assist managers to develop objective, measurable goals and effectively communicate to staff

Exploring tools to assist managers with more effective staff meetings

Considering RSS feed highlighting KPE in the news and new stories on website/Twitter