Survey Says...

The balance between my private and professional life is satisfactory KPE 57% Staff 59%
My workload lets me meet my performance expectations KPE 48% Staff 48%
I think that the stress of work is negatively affecting my job performance KPE 35% Staff 43%
Overall how reasonable is your workload? About right? KPE 30% Staff 30%
I can comfortably raise personal/family responsibilities in my work unit when scheduling work obligations KPE 78% Staff 83%

You told us…

Acknowledge that definition of work-life integration differs based on individual

Provide training on how to alleviate de-motivating stress, assertiveness training, how to say ‘no’ without fear of appearing unable to do job or showing weakness

Review annual planning process and better communicate its steps

Create a process to better understand critical dates for all departments and how they intersect because of competing deadline

Streamline common administrative processes

Create and environment to encourage Managing Up and provide training

anagers to provide clear expectations and define roles/responsibilitie

Allow staff opportunity to work from home/location other than their desks when feasible

Managers/supervisors need to respect lunch hour and daily departure times

Clarify expectations regarding work hours, including handling email traffic

Improve sharing of information between shifts

Increase active division of work during peak periods, including adding trained staff

We’re listening…

New initiatives

ICHP pilot project with door hangers "I'm in/busy"

acation tracking and policy reminders circulated

Continuing initiatives

Effort to streamline HR, payroll and contract processes

What’s next?

Take advantage of ODLC courses on self-care, mindfulness and meditation, etc.