Survey Says...

I feel proud to work at U of T KPE 93% Staff 88%
I would recommend U of T as a good place to work KPE 88% Staff 86%
I feel motivated in my job KPE 84% Staff 84%
I am satisfied with being an employee KPE 78% Staff 77%

You told us…

Link retreat outcomes to operations and strategic goals

Link strategic goals to daily processes (e.g., student programming)

Increase cross-departmental understanding

Link strategic goals to daily processes - decrease sense of "can't see the forest for the trees"

Clarify priorities, operations and expectations

Improve clarity and transparency

Create appropriate staff room

We’re listening…

Increased frequency of retreats and refocused agendas to link operations and strategic goals

Academic Plan Implementation Plan (chart) created - lists annual objectives and updated as objectives achieved

Established new staff and faculty awards aligned with priorities - Integration Award, Casual Staff Award and teaching awards

Created face-to-face sessions between students and Registrar and Dean to learn about ways to improve

Created Better Because of U campaign, and accompanying website, to showcase initiatives put in place in response to staff and faculty feedback. 

What’s next?

Keep working at sam

Continue to update and expand upon the information shared through the Better Because of U campaign and website