Survey Says...

I feel valued as an employee at U of T KPE 71% Staff 70%
I receive recognition for my accomplishments at work KPE 59% Staff 59%

You told us…

Create more opportunities for more frequent personal/information recognition – notes, emails and dropping by the office

Realize that recognition differs for each individual/unit

ost more information ceremonies and forms of recognition throughout the year?

Find ways to recognize staff for working ‘above and beyond’ and for doing a steady, good job

Find ways to recognize staff for extra work they do to contribute (e.g. organizing a team for Run for the Cure, and other ‘off the clock’ activities)

Increase simple daily gestures of appreciation - they go a long way to making employees feel value

Share external recognition that staff receive beyond KPE and “off the clock”

ive positive feedback - peer-peer, staff-manager and faculty-faculty

Reward staff creatively (e.g. food truck)

We’re listening…

New initiatives

New awards established – integration, outstanding casual staff, teaching awards and U of T’s True Blue

Celebration of new spaces that are created and updated

Creation of recognition events – RecognizingU and Lunch with the Dean

Highlight staff and faculty accomplishments through remarks at various events as relevan

Creation of VB Staff Appreciation days

Creation of alerts re: KPE in the news and media coverage

Continuing initiatives

Staff Excellence Awards

PE Holiday Banquet

VB Banner Raising celebrations

End of Summer BBQ

What’s next?

Expand use of email messages of commendation and gratitude to staff, cc’ing director/Dean/CAO after completion of project, disruption and/or event

Provide managers with clarity on protocol, budget and options for use of food/snacks, gift certificates, lunches out and tokens of appreciation for individuals' contributions

Create awards for research, graduate students and TAs