Survey Says...

I am satisfied with the opportunities for professional development available to me at U of T KPE 77% Staff 77%
I am satisfied with the training provided to me to do my current job KPE 61% Staff 59%
My unit head/manager supports my training and development needs KPE 81% Staff 81%
My unit head/manager provides me with useful feedback through the course of the year KPE 62% Staff 62%
Want more time to participate in training and development n/a Staff 76%
Want unit head/manager to provide more support for career progression/advancement n/a Staff 44%
Would like more access to external courses/conferences relevant to goals n/a Staff 39%

You told us…

Share information about internal and external development opportunities – courses, programs, conferences, webinars, educational support, certifications and credentials required for a position/renewals

lace career skills development information on shared drive

Provide information about professional development hours, days etc. – and make information easily accessible (e.g. on white boards/bulletin boards in staff rooms)

Provide professional/career development checklist of personal plan for each staff member with periodic check-ins

We’re listening…

New initiatives

Using listserv to share information about School of Continuing Studies, FIS, ROSI, HRIS, ODLC, Family Care and other information that is brought forward and relevant

Hosting respect in workplace sessions

Reviewing process, procedures and financial support for PD

Continuing initiatives

Managers  providing information to staff about PD opportunities and discussing opportunity for staff to participate

Managers to provide more feedback via check-ins, touch base and one on one meeting

PMs and confidentials to undergo formal feedback process with objectives and goal setting

Managers to share their PD with staff

What’s next?

Update/clarify current professional development policy for all employee groups

ncrease internal knowledge sharing by KPE colleagues in areas of expertise

reate knowledge exchange/form partnerships for potential projects

Update organizational chart to better reflect who does what and increase understanding of services and resource

Provide more information about students so we can provide better services/programs

Site visits to other faculties/universities

Provide opportunities to staff to participate on committees/task forces

Develop KPE Job Shadow program

Develop training modules for each department integrated with standard training for all KPE

Establish KPE mentorship program for cross-learning and collaboration

Provide opportunities to see internal and external guest speakers to motivate and inspire

More informal feedback and professional development discussion via regular check-ins between staff and manager