Survey Says...

U of T demonstrates a commitment to practices that support equity and diversity KPE 85% Staff 84%
My unit head/manager demonstrates a commitment to practices that support equity and diversity KPE 78% Staff 81%
Hiring processes at U of T are conducted fairly KPE 64% Staff 64%
My manager takes effective action on work related matters KPE 75% Staff 72%
My unit head/manager effectively organizes the work of the team KPE 60% Staff 60%

You told us…

Demonstrate commitment to diversity practices through Unit Head

Be deliberate in recruiting and developing staff/faculty and managers from underrepresented groups to broaden diversity within KPE

Diversify hiring committee

Create a baseline on diversity and then track progress

Modify language for job descriptions, postings and interview questions to encourage sensitivity and commitment to equity and diversity

Provide faculty members with materials regarding resources and services to address harassment, discrimination and inclusivit

Treat one another with respect, be polite and professional in person and in communications

Make an effort to understand each employee's skills, abilities and motivations to bring out their best

ncourage cooperation by having group self organize

Consider use of hoteling space and shared equipment and include objectives for the position

Clarify guidelines for a concern or complaint process and provide timely response

We’re listening…

New initiatives

U of T re-launched a more detailed Employee Equity survey

Faculty-wide training provided in May 2016 on civility guidelines and respect in the workplace

U of T project underway to simplify job descriptions and include objectives for the position

Equity questions now available to assist Managers for interviews









What’s next?

Develop hiring process guidelines with view to increasing equity and diversity

Share news about hiring to reflect KPE’s progress on diversity measures

Support work of the Task Force on Race and Indigeneity